September 2017 – Laura W. Brill, a Kendall Brill & Kelly LLP founding partner, provided a presentation on copyright law at the Los Angeles Copyright Society’s meeting on Sept. 11 in Beverly Hills. The presentation was entitled: “Cutting Edge Issues on Cutting off Rights: An Update on U.S. Copyright Termination.”

Many articles have been written about the floodgates that opened in 2013 and beyond with regard to Section 203 copyright termination. Commentators predicted that songwriters, recording artists, and producers from the late 1970s and 1980s would send numerous notices of termination, and there would be litigation over work-for-hire and other issues.

Ms. Brill addressed these and other developments and aspects of Section 203 and 304 copyright termination. With a focus on complex civil litigation and appeals relating to media, entertainment, commercial, and regulatory disputes, Ms. Brill has secured precedent-setting victories in numerous appearances before state and federal courts. She is a certified appellate specialist who handles a broad array of high-profile business disputes involving contracts, torts, intellectual property, governance issues; First Amendment and other constitutional issues; fine art restitution; government contracting, and challenges to municipal regulation.