October 2016 – Kendall Brill & Kelly attracted a sizable crowd for “Prop-Luck,” a nonpartisan discussion of the 17 propositions on the Nov. 8 California ballot. The event also drew coverage from the state’s largest legal publication, the Daily Journal, which noted that “voters will have a lot to decide” with statewide ballot measures “addressing topics as varied as plastic bags, marijuana, and the death penalty.”

With some 300 pages of ballot materials, Laura Brill, KBK founding partner, said there may be “voter confusion both in terms of substance and, procedurally, how these measures would affect the law.” The lawyers who provided presentations at the event provided a quick background of the issues, supporters, and opponents of each proposition.

In addition to Ms. Brill, KBK thanks the following attorneys for their presentations: Sheri Bonstelle, Linda Burrow, Robyn Crowther, Nick Daum, Aimee Dudovitz, Robert Dugdale, Kate Galston, David Kesselman, Jonathan Kirsch, Meaghan Lert, Jeremy Matz, Renee Mochkatel, Nicole Phillis, Susannah Rooney, Molly Russell, Alex Siegel, and Rick Simon.

To hear a recording of the presentations, please click here.