June 2023 – Kendall Brill & Kelly LLP Partners Laura W. Brill and Janet I. Levine have once again been recognized among California’s Top Women Lawyers by the state’s leading legal publication, the Daily Journal.

The publication described Ms. Brill as a “prominent litigator and appellate specialist” and cited several of her notable cases, including her representation of Brad Pitt in an ongoing and highly publicized dispute with Angelina Jolie over the former couple’s ownership of Château Miraval.

The Daily Journal noted that Ms. Levine is often described as “one of the best white-collar criminal and regulatory trial lawyers around,” and it referenced her recent victory in securing the complete dismissal of a federal anti-kickback indictment right before Christmas in 2022. Ms. Levine served as co-counsel in the case, helping present “extremely novel and creative motions” to successfully defend the leadership of an Irvine biosciences company against alleged Medicare fraud.

“I can tell you the clients were very pleased,” said Ms. Levine. “It was a great Christmas call to make.”

The publication also noted Ms. Brill’s leadership outside the courtroom, including her ongoing defense of Measure J, a ballot proposition that calls for dedicating 10% of L.A. County’s unrestricted funds to housing, mental health, and other social services, and her founding and leadership of The Civics Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to registering young people to vote. As Ms. Brill told the Daily Journal, the Civics Center offers free training and resources to high schools and students “so students can take matters into their own hands and learn how they are impacted by public policy.”

In addition to citing her success as a preeminent white collar attorney, the publication also quoted Ms. Levine on the value of being back in the courtroom after recent COVID lockdowns. “It’s nice to have things normal again,” she told the Daily Journal. “I don’t know if I understood how much I missed being able to see judges face-to-face.”

Ms. Brill and Ms. Levine are consistently ranked among the Daily Journal’s Top Women Lawyers’ rankings, with Ms. Brill listed among the state’s Top Women Lawyers most years since 2006 and Ms. Levine on the list most years since 2003.