May 2022 – Kendall Brill & Kelly LLP Partners Laura W. Brill and Janet I. Levine were once again ranked among California’s Top Women Lawyers by the state’s leading legal publication, the Daily Journal.

The publication noted Ms. Brill’s leadership in appellate law, including her recent induction into the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers. It cited Ms. Levine’s success as a white collar defense attorney representing corporations, politicians, judges, directors, officers and executives in a wide variety of industries.

Daily Journal noted Ms. Brill’s founding of The Civics Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to registering young people to vote that recently launched “The Class of 2022 Ready to Vote Challenge,” which is aimed at ensuring graduating high school students are registered to vote. It also cited her clerkship for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“As a thinker and as a judge, she’s been a guiding light for me,” Ms. Brill told the Daily Journal. “Her approach to procedure and her care for language and the roles lawyers can play in the world have been a big influence.”

In addition to her white collar representations, the Daily Journal pointed out that Ms. Levine is among the lawyers that other lawyers choose to represent them.

“I love representing lawyers, and I’ve done so for 30 years,” Ms. Levine told the publication. “They represent probably my largest category of clients.”

The newspaper cited her recent success in securing a dismissal of a case filed against a prominent Los Angeles lawyer. “We actually won dismissal twice, the first time with leave to amend,” Ms. Levine told the Daily Journal. “I had a very happy client.”

Ms. Brill and Ms. Levine are among the mainstays on the Daily Journal’s Top Women Lawyers’ rankings: Ms. Brill has been listed among the state’s Top Women Lawyers most years since 2006 and Ms. Levine has been on the list most years since 2003.