MAY 2019 – Kendall Brill & Kelly Partner Richard B. Kendall and Counsel Nicholas F. Daum won an appellate decision on behalf of the estate of Bob Philpott, the well-respected Hollywood business manager. The lawsuit against Mr. Philpott was filed by Christine Wolf, the ex-wife of Dick Wolf, the creator of the Law and Order franchise, as part of a 14-year legal fight over the couple’s marital dissolution. Mrs. Wolf claimed in litigation she began in 2004 that she was deceived into reaching a marital settlement with her husband about a year before he was able to negotiate a new agreement for additional years of Law and Order. Although the family court found that Mr. Wolf had fully disclosed all the facts before the dissolution agreement, Mrs. Wolf sued Mr. Philpott, who was Mr. Wolf’s business manager, and the mediator who helped to settle the dissolution matter. The case wound its way from federal court to the Los Angeles Superior Court, where KBK won dismissal of Mrs. Wolf’s claims. The Los Angeles Superior Court determined that California’s mediation and litigation privileges required dismissal, and the California Court of Appeal upheld that ruling.