March 2017 – Kendall Brill & Kelly attorneys Alan Jay Weil and Corey E. Klein won an appellate court victory on March 15 on behalf of their client, Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP. A unanimous three-judge panel upheld a $7 million fee award to Manatt as the prevailing party in affirming the arbitrator’s rejection of the former client’s malpractice claim. Mr. Weil, who has been honored as one the nation’s top legal malpractice defense attorneys, said he was gratified that the court of appeals affirmed the lower court’s decisions and found that the former client’s arguments had no merit. He noted that the plaintiff, ECC Capital Corp., failed to raise its issues with the Manatt engagement agreement until after it lost on the merits – seven years after it was aware of all the facts on which it belatedly relied.

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