December 2019 – Kendall Brill & Kelly LLP Partner Laura W. Brill’s effort to engage young people in democracy was the focus of an article in the Dec. 24, 2019, Daily Journal. Ms. Brill told the news outlet that she became interested in the cause in 2017, after she realized that teens in California and many other states could preregister to vote at age 16 and 17. She discovered few people were aware of laws permitting preregistration, which help ensure students can vote at the first election after their 18th birthdays. “There was virtually no one taking advantage of this opportunity,” she told the publication. In 2018, Ms. Brill founded a nonprofit organization, The Civics Center, to organize efforts to educate high school students and school officials about voter preregistration. The Civics Center held its first-ever national High School Voter Registration Week in September and more than 1,000 students in 25 states preregistered to vote. To read more, please click here.